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CBD is found in all skin care products these days, but don’t forget to nourish your lips! This CBD-infused lip balm packs an ultra soothing punch against dryness and cold sores, and while just this special compound alone can do wonders for the skin by moisturizing and reducing inflammation, it’s not the only star in this formula.

To start, this lip balm uses all-natural beeswax as a base, which has been used for centuries in skin care. This CBD lip balm also contains a rich supply of nourishing oils: coconut, avocado, linseed, sunflower seed and olive fruit, which while moisturizing the skin, also helps deliver the vitamins and antioxidants your lips need to stay plump and healthy.

Our CBD lip balm is free of artificial fragrances and instead uses the natural, aromatherapeutic properties of peppermint oil, which also gives a slight cooling effect to skin that’s inflamed and irritated.

CBD lip balm is easy to grab on the go, and is easy to apply in a gentle swipe over the lips.