CBD Sunscreen

CBD Sunscreen: Why Have It, How It Protects Your Skin and More

Besides the ever-surging popularity of CBD skin care, here’s a skin care step everyone should be excited for: CBD sunscreen.

As you may already know, sunscreen is an essential part of keeping the skin looking young, though it’s admittedly not always emphasized as much as it should be.

Luckily, sunscreen in general has become a much hotter topic, as we’ve gained more understanding of exactly how important it is to keep your skin protected from the sun.

That being said, it’s not too much of a surprise to see CBD infused sunscreen on the market, as CBD has been reported to hold several key features which make it ideal for protecting the skin from sun damage.

On this page, we’re going to learn about the benefits of CBD sunscreen, as well as what type of CBD SPF products to look out for, and the importance of reef-safe sunscreen.

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CBD Sunscreen

Traditional Sunscreen vs CBD Sunscreen

Now, you may be wondering: what does CBD in sunscreen do, and why have CBD in sunscreen in the first place? After all, there is the common expression of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Could that be true with sunscreen, or does CBD bring its own qualities to the table?

First, let’s understand exactly why sunscreen is so important in the first place.

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Benefits & Importance of Sunscreen

While sunscreen has always been endorsed as a recommended step to take before diving into the pool or head to the beach, it’s pretty hard to exaggerate its importance. The truth is that sunscreen is one of the most, if not the most, important step in an anti-aging skin care regimen.
The most important thing to know about sunscreen is the way it protects us from the aging factors of the sun--specifically, the UVA and UVB rays, which can penetrate the skin and cause damage to collagen, ceramides, and other parts of the skin meant to keep us looking youthful and fresh. On top of that, excess exposure to the sun can cause dark spots and hyperpigmentation, as well.
In order to achieve sufficient sun protection, though, it’s not enough to only wear sunscreen at the beach or the pool. The best rule of thumb is to put on some sunscreen anytime you’re coming into contact with sunlight, including when you’re driving. In short, your best bet is to accept SPF as a part of your daily routine (if it isn’t already).
Besides this though, sunscreen also protects the skin from sunburn and hyperpigmentation, which helps your skin even and smooth.

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Benefits of CBD Sunscreen

You may still be wondering: why put CBD in sunscreen at all?

Let’s first discuss what, exactly, CBD-infused sunscreen is.

CBD sunscreen is more or less your traditional sunscreen, but with the added benefit of CBD.

CBD, which has grown immensely in popularity the past few years, won’t get you high the way its cousin THC does.

Instead, CBD has become increasingly studied for its numerous benefits, especially its anti-inflammatory properties, which may be the key to multiple skin-related conditions.

Here are just a few of the ways CBD may make sunscreen more effective:

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Hydrating Benefits of CBD Sunscreen

One of CBD’s abilities involves the way it manages sebum production.

Sebum is an oily secretion created by our glands, which is meant to help moisturize and lubricate the skin. When we experience skin dryness, it’s often because our sebaceous glands are stripped of the oils that normally keep them nourished.

However, recent studies have shown that CBD can regulate these sebum production, which can keep oil levels in the skin at a range that’s far more optimal.

This makes CBD a potentially helpful ingredient for those with dry skin, as it can help quench the pores while preventing the inflammatory causes of acne.

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Post-Sun Recovery with CBD Sunscreen

In addition to keeping your skin hydrated, CBD can also help your skin make a speedy recovery after it gets burned.

This has to do partly with its anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to the way it treats our pores. If you’ve had sensitivity with skin care ingredients in the past, CBD sunscreen may be comparatively soothing, and can even lessen the odds of heat rash, as well as eczema and psoriasis flare ups.

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CBD Sunscreen: Skin Protection in the Long Run

Besides soothing the skin after short-term exposure to the sun, a CBD-infused sunscreen may keep your skin better-protected in the long run: studies have shown that CBD can help increase the healing rate of skin cells, which encourages faster skin recovery and less time dealing with damaged, irritated or painful sunburns.

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Importance of Reef-Friendly SPF

This has a lot to do with the discoveries scientists have made about sunscreen’s impact on the ocean. Up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen residue wind up in the ocean every year, and it’s been found that key ingredients found in sunscreen are toxic to coral reef life.

However, reef-safe sunscreens are either free of ingredients that are harmful to coral reefs (and humans), or contain small percentages. Two of the biggest to avoid in sunscreen are oxybenzone and octinoxate.

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Our Promise

CBD or not, sunscreen has become a surprisingly complex topic, as we look more to using sustainable methods and ingredients, not only for our bodies, but for the planet.
And it doesn’t help that many brands claim to be “reef-safe” or “reef-friendly,” yet their ingredient lists often tell otherwise, or only give vague information on what exactly is inside.

We promise to create products which only leave you feeling certain about what you’re buying, and we do this through transparent, thoughtful formulation.

The result is a safe & effective sunscreen that harnesses the botanical power of plant-based antioxidants, restoring CBD and nutritious ceramides.

Our products are suitable for all skin types, and are always free of:

-Animal products
-Animal testing
-Synthetic fragrance

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You’ll find that all of our products easily absorb with a lightweight texture, and you’ll be delightfully surprised that each of these mild-smelling products have significantly less of that “pool smell” that you might associate with traditional products, all the while leaving a sheer, smooth finish.

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CBD or not, you might have experienced plenty of natural and ree-friendly sunscreen that just doesn’t absorb as well.
However, our sunscreen is specially formulated to blend flawlessly with the skin with little excess grease.

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SPF 30 Sunscreen

Our SPF 30 is the perfect everyday formula: non-greasy, water-resistant and fast-absorbing. While leaving a lightweight feel on the skin, its natural supply of vitamins A, B2, B6 and E are taken from banana extract, along with potassium, iron and magnesium.

These nutrients work hard to keep your skin protected from aging factors, while also assisting in soothing some inflammatory skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis and rosacea.

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SPF 55 Sunscreen

Our SPF 50 Sunscreen is perfect for those who have a high-performance day ahead of them, and so need high-performance sun protection.
Like the rest of our sunscreens, this item contains our signature banana extract, which provides a natural punch of skin soothing antioxidants and minerals, including vitamins A, B, B2, B6, E, potassium, iron and magnesium.

And as with all of the sun protection we provide, this CBD sunscreen is paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, silicone-free, synthetic fragrance-free.
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SPF 50 Face Sunscreen

We often forget how different the skin on our face is from that on the rest of our body--it’s far more delicate and thin, and most of the time, it’s completely exposed to the sun when you’re outside.

In order to better protect your facial skin, we recommend using a sunscreen with high SPF, but features a lightweight formula.

While this sunscreen is just as fast-absorbing as our SPF 30, its formula is packed with even more antioxidants, particularly those found in red wine, which help prevent aging caused by the sun. Additionally, red rose extract helps soothe redness, while essential ceramides provide the skin with crucial nourishment.

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Allueur Didn’t Happen in a Day

It took time, effort, and a great deal of thought to construct and formulate our skin care products, because we believe that you deserve the best to offer in clean, rejuvenating CBD beauty.
All of our products are 100% vegan, recyclable, and cruelty free at every stage of manufacturing.
All the while with formulas we’ve painstakingly developed to promote healthier glow and a softer touch.
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What are the benefits of putting CBD in sunscreen?

When you have CBD incorporated into your SPF, you’re getting the added skin benefits that CBD has to offer, which can help leave your skin extra hydrated for sunny weather, with the added boost of antioxidants to protect your skin from free radical damage.

Will CBD sunscreen give me pain relief?

While CBD research has generated a great deal of evidence showing its anti-inflammatory properties, one shouldn’t expect a CBD topical to relieve pain, unless it says it’s been specially formulated for that purpose.

What’s considered “reef-friendly” sunscreen?

Reef-friendly sunscreens are formulas free of any non-biodegradable materials that can wash into our ocean and result in coral bleaching. Reef-safe sunscreens should be free of petrolatum/mineral oil, titanium dioxide, oxybenzone and octinoxate. That being said, CBD is a safe ingredient to incorporate into reef-friendly formulations.