CBD Lotion & Hemp Lotion

Understanding CBD Lotion, and why it’s Your Newest Skin Care Staple

With the wide variety that CBD beauty has to offer, you might be surprised by the popularity of CBD lotion, despite its simplicity.
But don’t be fooled, because for those who wish to hydrate our hands, joints and limbs while promoting a healthy overall glow, a high-quality body lotion is absolutely essential.
And while plenty of new CBD enthusiasts may feel tempted to go straight for a more concentrated product, like a vitamin-rich facial serum, no skin regimen is complete without the basics.
But you may be wondering: is CBD or hemp lotion really better than my regular moisturizer?
Let’s take a look at CBD lotion, what it does for your skin, and how it stands apart from your average body lotion.

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CBD Lotion & Hemp Lotion

CBD Lotion’s Top 3 Benefits

CBD lotion, or hemp lotion, is a topical CBD product that’s typically formulated with CBD found in hemp.
 A good, reputable product will typically come with a smooth, creamy consistency, and while it’s not meant to make you high, it’s sure to nourish and hydrate your skin.

CBD lotion that is high-quality should also feature ingredients that are both effective and gentle on skin, such as plant-based oils like jojoba, and antioxidants like cherimoya fruit extract.

And yet, CBD brings its own strength to hemp lotion in 3 major ways:

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1. CBD Lotion for Dry Skin and Eczema

Aside from CBD lotion itself, CBD all on its own makes for an excellent moisturizing agent all on its own.
By nature, CBD is known to help regulate certain bodily functions, and this totally applies to the skin.
CBD has been shown to help regulate oil levels in the skin, which provides your glands with some guidance on how much sebum should be produced.
This is important, because sebum is created by our glands to keep the skin lubricated in order to keep the skin hydrated and protected from bacteria.
On top of that, hemp oil and CBD are filled with fatty lipids, which make an excellent moisturizer.
So a CBD lotion may be your best bet if you’re looking for something to soothe dry, scratchy skin.
Consequently, CBD may also work as a powerful remedy against eczema.
Eczema is a skin condition that currently has no cure, and includes scratchy, red, flakey skin as a symptom.
While the causes of eczema currently remain unknown, the National Eczema Association (NEA) has observed that CBD, which possesses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and “anti-itch” qualities, CBD lotion may serve as a nonsteroidal treatment for eczema, and perhaps also psoriasis.

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2. CBD Lotion for Acne

We mentioned that sebum controls moisture levels in the skin, and while a lack of sebum can cause the skin to become dry and cracked, an excess of it can cause acne and oiliness.
 Many factors can throw our sebum production off balance, leading to a variety of skin issues such as dry skin and acne, but thanks to CBD’s influence on the integumentary system, it may help keep both dry skin and acne in check.
CBD can also help acne with its anti-inflammatory properties.
This is because acne is an inflammatory condition, typically caused when a hair follicle is clogged.
Luckily, the hair follicles and glands are coded with special receptors that CBD can reach, which are known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors.
Through consistent use of CBD lotion, this anti-inflammatory action can help soothe acne, while preventing breakouts in the future.

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3. CBD Lotion Anti-Aging Benefits

Like many other plant-derived ingredients, hemp seed oil and CBD have been shown to possess antioxidant properties, which are vital for fighting against free radicals.
Free radicals, which we often encounter from pollution in the air, play a huge role in the aging process, and can make our skin look tired and dull.
Thankfully, antioxidants cancel them out, and instead promote a noticeable vibrance. When combined with ingredients that hydrate, a daily CBD hemp lotion is the perfect anti-aging moisturizer for tired skin that needs a boost.

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Experiencing CBD Lotion: Texture, Smell, and Effects

While a CBD body lotion should be a bit more thicker and concentrated than, say, a facial product like the Water Pack CBD Sleeping Mask, the formula should still feel light to the touch and easily absorb into the skin.

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If you can’t judge a hemp lotion by touching, take a look at the ingredient list: if you see plant-based oils listed, like sunflower seed oil, you know that the CBD lotion is more likely to be nourishing for your skin.

Meanwhile, avoid most forms of alcohol, although cetyl alcohol is fine.


Because cetyl alcohol, along with stearyl and cetearyl, are examples of “fatty” alcohol, which are non-irritating and non-drying, making them perfectly safe for the skin.

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If you’re concerned about fragrance, keep in mind that skin care product ingredients are ranked in order of most to least concentrated.

This means that if fragrance is listed as one of the last 2-3 ingredients, it’s probably very mild, and will only leave you with a pleasant scent.

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Because it doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound THC, CBD lotion won’t get you high or show up on a drug test.

However, it will deliver noticeable results to your skin.

Frequent, consistent use of CBD lotion can improve your skin by smoothing out texture, encouraging firmness and elasticity, and brightening the complexion.

As for side effects, there is not enough evidence supporting that topical CBD causes any, but when shopping for new CBD beauty brands, always take a look at the other ingredients in your CBD lotion, as well, as some brands may use harmful parabens, phthalates, and isopropyl alcohol.
Also note that unless the CBD lotion is specifically formulated for it, it’s not recommended to use for pain, but for everyday skin care uses.

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How to Apply Hemp Body Lotion

Thanks to its mild effects, hemp seed lotion is a product that’s great for first-time CBD consumers, and can be used as often as desired.

But to get the most out of your CBD lotion, it’s recommended to apply daily and liberally, especially after showering. This way, your skin is always saved after it’s stripped by your soaps and cleansers.

As a final note, while using body lotion for your face might sound like a great hack for simplifying your skin care routine, it’s not recommended.

The skin on our bodies is quite a bit thicker than facial tissue, so body lotions tend to use richer formulas with high concentrations of oils, like jojoba and sweet almond, and some mild fragrance.

While this is both gentle and nourishing for skin on the body, it can be too harsh for the sensitive skin on the face.

Instead, use a CBD moisturizer that’s specifically formulated to hydrate and nurture your delicate facial tissue, especially one that’s water-based, and features rejuvenating antioxidants and ceramides.

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Our Promise

While CBD is clearly a fantastic ingredient to have in your beauty regimen, it should never be the only ingredient in your moisturizing lotion that provides any kind of nourishing benefits.
As a CBD beauty brand, we promise to always offer more: more effort, more thought, and more ingredients that will promote firmness and luminosity.
Our hemp-infused Moisturizing Body Lotion is not only infused with 300 mg of pure hemp, but it’s also formulated with hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is a huge favorite in skin care, thanks to its ability to encourage water retention in the epidermis for dewier, more supple skin. On top of that, our hemp body lotion formula is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

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Who we are, why we stand behind our product and why you’ll love it

Allueur didn’t happen in a day.
It took time, effort, and a great deal of thought to construct and formulate our skin care products, because we believe that you deserve the best to offer in clean, rejuvenating CBD beauty.
All of our products are 100% vegan, recyclable, and cruelty free at every stage of manufacturing.
All the while with formulas we’ve painstakingly developed to promote healthier glow and a softer touch.
Shop CBD Beauty

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FAQs about Hemp Lotion

does hemp lotion have any side effects?

There is not enough evidence supporting that CBD causes any side effects when topically applied, but it’s always recommended to check the other ingredients in your moisturizer.

Is CBD lotion good for skin?

Based on evidence supporting it’s pore-balancing and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD lotion can be highly beneficial for keeping the skin hydrated, clear and radiant.

What does CBD lotion do?

Moisturizing topicals like CBD body lotion are meant to hydrate the skin, and if the product is high quality, it will offer other skin-soothing ingredients like sunflower seed oil, aloe leaf extract, and hyaluronic acid.

Can CBD lotion fail a drug test?

If a CBD lotion lists pure “cannabidiol” in the ingredients list, and no “THC” or “tetrahydrocannabinol” in sight, it’s safe to say that CBD lotion will not make you fail a drug test.

This is because most cannabidiol is derived from pure hemp, which has a characteristically low THC content, and even less of that amount is actually absorbed through the skin.

Is hemp lotion for pain?

While CBD has shown evidence in relieving inflammatory pain, our CBD lotion is not specifically formulated as a pain-relieving product, and isn’t recommended.