CBD Face Mask

How a CBD Face Mask Can Keep You Glowing All Week

As you might have already noticed, CBD beauty has expanded considerably in the past year--what was once found in a few specialty pain creams can now be spotted in an assortment of serums, face creams, lip balms and sunscreen.
But if you’ve yet to find a CBD product that truly leaves your skin feeling replenished and rejuvenated, look no further than a CBD face mask--one that restores and hydrates your skin while you sleep!
But how do CBD face masks work better than traditional face masks, if at all? Keep reading to find out.

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CBD Face Mask

Benefits of CBD Face Mask vs Traditional Face Mask

Even if you haven’t yet tried CBD skin care, you may be familiar with nourishing face masks you’ve tried in the past--especially in Korean skin care.

Let’s review the way traditional face masks serve your skin, and then we’ll discuss the ways in which a CBD face mask can possibly amplify those benefits, while bringing its own to the table.

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Traditional Face Masks

What exactly do we mean when we’re talking about face masks?
To be clear, we’re not talking about sheet masks or clay masks that dry out your skin. Rather, we’re referring to masks that absorb efficiently and easily. Like a traditional face mask, a CBD face mask is left on the face to soak in overnight, replenishing the pores with hydration, antioxidants and acne-regulating abilities.
Rather than extract and dry out the pores, an overnight CBD face mask drenches the skin with a creamy, rich formula which should absorb easily into the skin with little fragrance, soothing your skin and delivering a wealth of nourishing products deep through the tissue layers.
Overnight face masks are also different because they work with the skin at its most crucial period for repairing: studies have shown that skin cells work the most during the night to replicate and reproduce while mending the skin barrier, meaning that it’s the perfect time to hydrate your skin.
While moisturizing is an easy step to overlook, it’s crucial to the prevention of aging. This is because moisture levels in our skin drop as we age, leaving our skin more susceptible to additional aging factors. But when you’re assisting your skin in the hydration process, you’re making its job a little easier so it can work more effectively in the long run.
Besides acting as a sort of super-moisturizer, an overnight face mask functions as a barrier to help keep in all of the skin-healthy ingredients in as you sleep, while acne-causing bacteria is kicked to the curb.
And the best part? When you rinse off a sleeping face mask in the morning, you won’t experience any of the redness or dryness we sometimes do with clay or mud masks. Instead, your skin will feel ultra fresh and renewed, and extra bouncy to the touch.
Here are some ingredients we recommend for any overnight face mask--CBD or not. Then, we’ll go over the ways in which a CBD face mask incorporates these ingredients for an even more nourishing skin-saving experience.

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1. Ceramides

Ceramides are a special type of fatty lipids naturally occurring in your skin to help provide structure and elasticity while protecting it from foreign pathogens and pollutants.

However, ceramides can become depleted over time, so regularly using a face mask with ceramides can help to keep them replenished.

Despite their importance to the skin’s overall health and appearance, it is still considered a “new” ingredient in skin care, as new stabilization methods for these special lipids are still quite recent.

Nonetheless, you can expect a growing number of all sorts of face masks containing these beneficial substances.

Note that If your skin care contains ceramides, they’ll normally be listed as “ceramide AP,” “EOP,” “NG,” “NP,” or “NS.”

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2. Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein

Rice itself is a natural skin care wonder, containing a wealth of minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants including vitamin E.

Hydrolyzed rice protein, meanwhile, is a water-soluble plant-based protein that’s been extracted from specific enzymes in rice bran. By concentrating these proteins, the product is a skin care ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, which is especially suitable for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

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3. Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides

Caprylic, or capric triglycerides, are a type of ingredient made from the combination of coconut oil and vegetable-based glycerin. Caprylic triglycerides are rich in both fatty acids and lipids, and while they help provide luscious, velvety thickness to your face mask formula, they also work to make up for lost hydration.

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CBD Benefits for Face Masks

Now that we can see the clear benefits of your average overnight face mask, let’s see what happens when you add in the benefits of CBD.

While CBD (or cannabidiol) won’t get you high the way its cousin, THC, does, it offers a wealth of other properties that can benefit the body and mind, by way of interacting with a series of receptors which make up the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system plays an important role in regulating certain bodily functions, including sleep, mood, stress, and appetite, but it also has a hand in the well being and overall appearance of our skin.

Here are three ways in which CBD can take your face mask to the next level.

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Hydrating Benefits of CBD in Face Masks

Did you know that CBD and hemp oil can actually hydrate the skin?

Not only is hemp rich in fatty lipids, which are fantastic for moisturizing the skin, but it can even help manage the levels of sebum in the sebaceous glands.

This helps the skin in a few ways--one of those being that it can help prevent the skin from drying out, another benefit we’ll see down below is its potential to fight acne.

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CBD’s Anti-Acne Properties

According to ongoing cases studies, CBD also has remarkable potential in fighting acne and fading dark spots (also known as hyperpigmentation).

This is because CBD has a reputation for regulating specific hormones in the body, which can help manage the oil levels of pores while preventing clogs caused by hormonal and environmental issues.

In addition, CBD may possess some antifungal and antibacterial abilities, which may help CBD prevent acne-causing bacteria from lingering on the skin, and it can even help prevent further hyperpigmentation by protecting the skin from free radical damage.

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CBD Benefits for Irritated Skin

Finally, if you feel that every skin care product you’ve tried (face mask or otherwise) has only dealt more irritation to your skin, as CBD face mask may be the answer for soothing redness and inflammation, as well as puffiness caused by lack of sleep, stress or eating excessive salty foods.

In all research so far, CBD has proven to be an ingredient with few side effects, those of which being fairly mild, deeming it especially gentle in skin care.

Besides being non-irritating, though, it is also ideal for soothing inflammatory symptoms, like acne, psoriasis and eczema, making it a true skin saver./span>

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Our Promise

You may still be wondering: is a CBD face mask really going to soothe my skin?

Whether you have a history of sensitive or acne-prone skin, or have had several bad experiences with other products, let us reassure you that at Alluéur, we only use ingredients that work with you, not against you.

We don’t lean on the benefits of CBD, either, because we understand that a skin care formula should be made with diverse ingredients working together.

Our CBD Face Mask is made with a fortifying combination of plant-based proteins and amino acids, not to mention healthy dosage of carrier oils like cherry kernel oil and sunflower wax, which provide both fatty emollient qualities and antioxidants, while AHAs like glycolic acid help slough off dead skin cells.

We promise to only create formulas which soothe the skin and promote a healthy glow, all the while with ingredients that are always 100% vegan, cruelty free, and suitable for all skin types.

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Allueur Didn’t Happen in a Day

It took time, effort, and a great deal of thought to construct and formulate our skin care products, because we believe that you deserve the best to offer in clean, rejuvenating CBD beauty.
All of our products are 100% vegan, recyclable, and cruelty free at every stage of manufacturing.
All the while with formulas we’ve painstakingly developed to promote healthier glow and a softer touch.
Shop CBD Beauty

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How to Apply

After cleansing the skin and treating it with the Vitamin C Serum, apply 1-2 dollops to the face and neck, while gently massaging into the skin. Rinse off any residue in the morning before applying a daytime moisturizer and SPF.

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How does CBD work in a face mask?

CBD can enhance the effects of a quality face mask in a few ways; one of the main benefits including its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Besides that, though, CBD also possesses the ability to balance sebum and oil production, and can encourage the retention of moisture for plumper, bouncier skin.

Does CBD face mask work?

As long as a CBD face mask is formulated with high-quality ingredients like proteins, triglycerides and AHAs & BHAs, CBD can perform wonders on most skin types.